Youth football tournaments

Make your tournament the envy of others with the tools offered by SportsTables.

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Better for spectators

Keep spectators up-to-date with the latest scores right on their mobile. No more walking over to the organisers tent or uncertainties over who is winning.

One tournament organiser had this to say about SportsTables...

"I recently organised a football tournament with 120 teams split into groups of 7/8. Each groups teams were entered the night before and we kept regular score updates though the both days of competition. The app worked great. Stopped all parents nagging registration for updates and we had a group all on 10 points, and with this working out goal difference there could be no arguments. Saved lots of hassle Everyone loved having the updated scores on their phones Highly recommended and will use at all future events."

Better for organisers.

No more unwieldy spreadsheets and printouts. Run the whole tournament from your phone or ipad. All you need to do is enter the results and SportsTables will take care of the league table.

You dont need to worry about working out goal differences or points anymore so you can spend more time enjoying the sport being played.

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